Small Business Site

Small Business Site

The Problem

This Brooklyn-based brewery just went commercial, and needs a web presence to help market the beers and taproom, as well as to provide some resources for incoming requests for information.

The Approach

Interviews with the owners suggested four major personas who would be visiting the site and, if I did my job right, the brewery.

  • The beer geek
    • Seeks out new beers and new brewers. This is a tightly-knit community in Brooklyn.
  • The local
    •  Gowanus is a trending neighborhood. Local residents need a place to hang out and buy beer, of course.
  • The locavore
    • Strong Rope is a licensed New York State Farm Brewery, getting most of its ingredients locally. This resonates with many consumers--the kind who will go out of their way to frequent businesses who share their values.
  • The blogger
    • A new brewery is news, both for traditional local media and a variety of internet outlets. Strong Rope often gets contacted for information, interviews, and media assets.
  • The event planner
    • Pleasant social space is a valuable commodity in NYC. Strong Rope frequently hosts private events.

The Solution

We decided on a site that is high on information density without presenting too much detail. The (admittedly, speculative) top tasks of our persona set are a) finding locations and hours, and b) contacting the brewery. Secondarily, we believe the regular visitors (beer geeks and local residents) will appreciate the current taplist, and the owners believe showing photos of the space and advertising upcoming events will drive traffic to the brewery. 

This was the prioritized set of content, while additional documentation (a history of the brewer, detailed beer descriptions, media assets, partner features, and merchandise) were less important to generating business.

In addition, we decided that the directions and hours should be front-and-center, and presented in such a way that they would appear quickly for mobile viewers.

The Results

We ended up with a simple site built on SquareSpace. This made it easy for the business owners to update the content and make minor styling adjustments as needed without the support of a designer or developer. We picked a template that provided an index page with scrollspy navigation so we could pull the most important content on to one page while still maintaining the option for more detailed child pages. Get in touch if you'd like to hear more about this project.


  • Project Proposal
  • Content Audit
  • Persona outline
  • Website


  • Square Space
  • Photoshop
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Building a Design System

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