Content Strategy & Development

Content Strategy & Development


The Problem

A stakeholder from Next Generation Social Sciences, a non-profit that grants fellowships to scholars in the global South approached me about a new project. I had worked with them in a communications design capacity previously on newsletters and social media, and they were ready to step up to a larger digital presence. The problem was, our first conversation went something like this:

I need a website.
Who's it for?
People who can fund us.
What's your content?
Some dissertations. Word docs, mostly.


The Approach

I took this as an opportunity for some design leadership. The non-profit's parent organization had never had a full-time designer, let alone anyone with a background in UX. I suggested to the program lead that, instead of throwing together a WordPress site from the outline he had put together, we run through a requirements workshop first.

  • What is the website's purpose?
  • Why a website and not some other solution?
  • What is your goal as a mission-driven organization?
  • Who would find this website valuable?
  • What are similar groups doing with their sites?
  • etc.

The Solution

The workshop proved valuable—the stakeholders were pleased to be challenged, and returned to the project with greater clarity. We were able to identify two key audiences, describe the intended effect the site should have on them, and prioritize content appropriately.

We still didn't have any content to work with, though.

We could really use some images or illustrations to draw in first-time visitors and let the fellows advertise their work on social media.
Do you have anything from the conferences and retreats you host?
No, but we have another one coming up in Ghana.
Have room for a photographer?
What are you doing in July?

The Results

Just like that, I wiggled my way into a work trip to Africa. Over the course of the week-long conference, I produced both candid group and headshots for every fellow, 2-cam interviews on major works, and photographic and video b-roll to spruce up the new site. I also got to hear the most fascinating lectures and have more fun than a typical work trip.


  • Canon 60D
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe Premier
  • WordPress


  • Design Leadership
  • Audience Analysis
  • Photos + Editing
  • Videos + Editing


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I shot all of the photo and video on this project. Get in touch if you'd like to hear more about it.

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