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How did we end up here?

I love UX. I feel accomplished for having made my way into the discipline at all. In 2011 I discovered that there was a profession that made hands-on contributions out of the questions and processes that have always been my passion. Before I was a designer, I was an academic—on track towards a PhD in Philosophy, where I would become an expert in deconstructing the relationship between text and meaning, or something like that. The questions that motivated me through my studies are the same ones that propel me forward as a UX designer: How are people impacted (often without knowing) by the constructed world around them? How do social habits form? Can democracy thrive in a global sense?

Ok, that last one might not show up in my day-to-day work (yet), but I feel my intellectual curiosities piqued and satisfied constantly through research and design work every day. I've tried to capture some of that in my case studies.

I love hardware and software, I'm a tinkerer in the kitchen, I'm a car guy, and I know too much about craft beer. I'm very fortunate and very happy to be a dad and a husband.

I'm a designer, a researcher, an academic, a teacher, a manager, an organizational leader, and if you've got a clever design problem, I am easily nerd-sniped.